Halloween Bug Punch

Prep time: 5min
Total time: 30min
Makes 14 cups (3.5 L)
2 cups
500 mL
1 bottle
White Grape Juice
1.82 L
1/4 cup
60 mL
drops green food colouring
1/2 cup
quick cooking tapioca
125 mL
1 can
frozen concentrate lemonade
225 mL
1 bottle
Tangerine Lime Sparkling Water Beverage
1 L
1/14 of the recipe (1 cup)
49 g
25 mg


  1. Combine water with 2 cups of the grape juice, sugar and food colouring in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil before slowly whisking in the tapioca, cooking for one minute. Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature, stirring often.

  2. Meanwhile, stir the remaining grape juice and lemonade concentrate together in a large pitcher, cover and keep chilled. Once cooled, add the tapioca to the pitcher, stirring to separate the tapioca. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

  3. Just before serving, stir up tapioca while adding the sparkling water. Garnish with ice, slices of lime and serve with a thick straw.