Grocery store donates toques ahead of winter

There’s no knowing exactly which kids at Stuart Baker Elementary School were in need of a hat and which just snatched them up because they were “awesome.”

Whatever the case, Brad Park and the staff of Haliburton Foodland were happy to give out hundreds of toques to kids at the school Dec. 19.

“Not every kid has a toque,” Foodland owner Park said. “Some kids aren’t fortunate enough to have one.”

Whether they had one or not, each kid got one as an early Christmas present from Park and Foodland workers Mat Ouellette and Don Rowbottom.

“They’re wicked!” one student exclaimed.

“We’re really lucky the workers at Foodland came and gave us hats,” another said.

“My big brother’s going to want to wear it,” a third chimed in.

The kids agreed that they thought “Foodland rocks” and planned to send a thank-you letter to Park and staff.