Foodland Wants You to Learn to Camp This Summer

Calling all non-campers… this is the summer to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to camp in Ontario’s beautiful provincial parks. Foodland is proud to partner with Ontario Parks this summer for an exciting new programLearn to Camp

Learn to Camp is a program designed to introduce new visitors and non-campers to the fabulous provincial parks of Ontario, give them the skills and confidence they need to have a safe and enjoyable camping trip, and inspire them to become life-long campers. It offers advice and tips sheets, camping instructions, recipes, equipment checklists and much more. 

Running from July 9 to September 10, families will be able to test their new camping skills at Sibbald Point, bronte Creek and darlington Provincial Parks. 

Program recipients will receive a Foodland Campsite Package filled with great Compliments products for your everyday camping needs, such as a plastic rubbermaid tote, garbage bags, can opener, scissors, and a spatula. They will also receive a Camper’s Package, including a cooler bag, andCompliments freezer bags, paper towel, greencare dish liquid, marshmallows, honey graham crackers, chocolate bars, foil wrap, plastic glasses, serviettes, plastic cutlery, paper plates, sun tan lotion, Foodland frisbee, and a $25 Foodland gift card.

For experienced campers, or those who wish to enjoy a day pass to a provincial park, Foodland has another option for you, Picnic in the Park. From May 13 to June 2, customers can purchase a choice combo at any Foodland store and receive a free day pass to any provincial park in Ontario! Check in-store for more details. 

Happy Camping!