Sobeys Ontario Surpasses Voluntary Provincial Plastic Bag Reduction Target

In less than six months, Sobeys, Foodland and IGA customers proved they can be the difference for a greener Ontario and have reduced single use plastic bag consumption in our stores by 72 per cent – exceeding the Provincial plastic bag reduction target of 50 per cent.

In 2007 through the Ontario Plastic Bag Reduction Task Group, Sobeys Ontario voluntarily committed to reduce the number of plastic bags entering the market place by 50 per cent by 2012. While progress had been made towards this target, in May of this year Sobeys, Foodland and IGA stores discontinued the practice of providing complimentary shopping bags at the check outs and introduced a five cent fee to single use plastic and paper carry-out bags in an effort to expedite waste reduction and encourage the use of reusable options.

Shifting from single use bags to reusable options not only reduces the amount of plastic entering the waste stream, but it also reduces emissions generated through the manufacturing and transportation process. To further bolster our efforts to reduce plastic bag consumption, cashiers are trained to efficiently pack groceries, offer customers the option of purchasing our re-usable bag “Green Bag for Life” and sticker larger or single items. Sobeys, Foodland, IGA and Price Chopper stores across Ontario also offer a plastic bag recycling program “Bag-to-Bag Recycling”.